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Energy Bar For Divers

£2.00 A+ Eco-Rating

These energy bars are the bomb. With lush flavours inspired by treats from the UK’s National Parks, these vegan treats will keep your energy levels high for diving.


The cherry (bakewell) on top? The packaging is compostable!


The Honest Truth



I love EVERY SINGLE FLAVOUR. It’s a bit dangerous really! They’re great little bars to take with you for a snack in between dives.


Our All Natural Energy Bars can stop you from wasting your energy on a couple of levels.

1. They have a compostable wrap, so put this in your home composter and leave it to breakdown.

2. Our bars contain all natural ingredients, are minimally processed and contain no refined sugars.

Our focus here is really on the second point, this means you are making the most of what you digest.

One of the reasons we developed these was due to constant stomach issues with a lot of the products out there on the market already.

Our ‘chassis’ or the main bulk of the bar is composed of organic sultanas, oats, dried banana and almonds. A quartet of very capable ingredients contributing a makeup falling within the range for balanced macros.

We have nice upfront hit of carbs driven by non-refined sugars from organic sultanas, organic raisins and organic dried bananas (this is an energy bar after all, but no mucky syrups in here) followed by some steadier delivery from protein & fat via oats and almonds. Making them perfect to fuel your endurance activities.

These are all supplemented by delicious ingredients to impart flavour, be it organic sour cherry powder, organic roasted cocoa nibs or some ground spices like ginger and cardamom. You can find specific ingredient lists and nutritional tables on each product page.

These bars are vegan and depending on which you buy, are high in fibre or a source of fibre.

We don’t try to be too ‘performance’ focused. We realise performance is relative and one person’s two mile walk is another’s marathon. In either case you can rely on our bars to keep your energy levels sustained. Dependable, portable and tasty, they are designed for use on the fells, water, slab or bike. They’ll work on tram or train too if you’re on that 9-5 grind.

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